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We're all about shaking things up in the Canadian recruitment scene and making it more diverse and inclusive. At HireDiverse, we believe in the power of bringing different perspectives together. Check out our pricing plans – and, if you've got an idea that's not listed, give us a shout! We're all ears and ready to create something custom that fits your vibe. Let's make the Canadian job market a more inclusive place, one job ad at a time!

Basic Job Posting

Job is posted for 30 days.

Job is emailed to thousands of job seekers.


Featured Job Posting

Featured job posting highlights your ad to standout and keeps it close to the top of the job board listings.

Job is posted for 30 days.

Job is emailed to thousands of qualified candidates.


Strategic Newsletter Boost

Feature your brand in our monthly newsletter, sent to a subscriber base of thousands of engaged job seekers actively seeking professional opportunities.

We guarantee high visibility and engagement among a targeted audience passionate about diversity and inclusion.

Purchase here and we follow up with you via e-mail, to line up all the details.



5 Job Postings (Bonus: Added Featured Job and Employer, Compliments of HD)