HireDiverse: Canada's Job Board for Inclusive Recruitment

Connecting Canadian employers who value diversity with diverse job seekers

HireDiverse stands at the forefront of inclusive recruitment in Canada, offering a premier platform where employers can directly engage with a richly diverse talent pool. Designed to meet the nuanced needs of modern recruiters, HireDiverse not only simplifies the process of identifying and attracting underrepresented candidates (New Canadians, BIPOC, indigenous and other marginalized groups) but also aligns with the strategic diversity objectives of organizations across various industries.

For Recruiters:

HireDiverse empowers recruiters with the tools and resources needed to broaden their talent search beyond traditional parameters. By leveraging our platform, Canadian employers gain unparalleled access to a diverse array of job seekers, ensuring that talent acquisition strategies are both inclusive and effective. Our commitment to facilitating meaningful connections between employers and potential employees is what sets us apart, helping your organization to not only meet but exceed diversity recruitment goals.

Strategic Advantage:

In today’s competitive marketplace, embracing diversity is key to unlocking innovation, enhancing team performance, and driving better financial outcomes. HireDiverse serves as a critical partner in this endeavor, enabling your company to access new candidate pools and build a reputation as an employer of choice for those valuing inclusivity. By partnering with us, you are positioned to leverage the full spectrum of benefits that a diverse workforce offers, from creative problem-solving and innovation to reflecting the diverse communities you serve.

Beyond Job Listings: Addressing Real Issues for Diverse, BIPOC, New Canadian and Indigenous Talent

Beyond a job board, HireDiverse is a vibrant community that champions the aspirations of job seekers from all backgrounds, ensuring they find meaningful employment opportunities that align with their skills and dreams. This ecosystem fosters a supportive environment for candidates, enhancing their engagement with your brand from the very first interaction.

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About Our Founder, Shauna Cole

With a deep commitment to enhancing workplace diversity and inclusion, Shauna Cole has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between underrepresented job seekers and forward-thinking employers. As a mixed Black woman with firsthand experience of workplace bias, Shauna's personal journey fuels her professional mission to create equitable employment opportunities for all.

Shauna's impressive background spans nearly two decades in Human Resources, underpinned by a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) certification. Her expertise is further recognized through her role as a faculty member in the Master's of Business Administration Program at the University of New Brunswick, where she educates future leaders in communications, Human Resources, and leadership.

Recognized as a thought leader, Shauna is a respected workplace columnist for CBC Radio across Atlantic Canada and has been featured in prominent publications including The Canadian HR Reporter and LinkedIn News. Her insights extend to a broader audience through her YouTube channel, Career Interrupted, where she advocates for diversity and inclusion, offering valuable guidance to help underrepresented professionals secure their dream jobs.

Shauna's influence is also felt on LinkedIn, where she leads a community of over 13,000 followers, sharing knowledge, fostering discussions, and empowering job seekers and employers alike.

Residing in New Brunswick, Shauna leverages her extensive experience in Human Resources, recruitment, and marketing, along with her personal insights, to assist organizations on their diversity journeys, making her an invaluable asset to the recruitment industry.