Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

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Compensation and benefits

The CNSC offers one of the most competitive compensation and benefit packages in the public service and has several unique offerings that support balance and productivity:

  • banked time
  • ongoing learning and training opportunities
  • a variety of internal career opportunities
  • an awards and recognition program
  • strong support for employee wellness and mental health

Detailed information about compensation and benefits

Work–life balance

CNSC employees do important and challenging work, but they also have time to enjoy their personal lives. The CNSC offers a variety of work arrangements, such as flexible working hours, working from home, a combination of at-home and in-office work, leave with income averaging, and the ability to accumulate and use banked time.

The CNSC also holds social activities throughout the year to bring fun into the workplace and to get to know colleagues and management better. You can expect holiday parties, team-building activities, and the opportunity to participate in a variety of summer and winter activities. The proceeds from the majority of events are donated to the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign – so you can have fun and feel good about it too.

Learning opportunities

The CNSC offers a variety of opportunities for professional and personal growth. CNSC employees are encouraged and supported at every stage of their learning journey, beginning with a discussion with their manager about their individual learning plan (ILP), which ensures that they can engage in continuous learning and development throughout their career.

Along with completing an ILP, employees are encouraged to learn in their current role, diversify their work experience with assignments within the CNSC, and take advantage of interchange opportunities.

The CNSC is a strong believer in learning through self-directed research, networking and coaching. It also promotes excellent courses hosted by the Canada School of Public Service and other external learning organizations.

Diversity and inclusion

The CNSC believes that equity, diversity and inclusion are critical to spurring innovation, solving complex issues and improving results for Canadians. The CNSC is committed to ensuring that its workforce is representative of Canadian society. It also strives to be a safe and healthy workplace, one that is inclusive and free from harassment and discrimination, where all employees are able to effectively use their skills, expertise and experience to help deliver on the CNSC’s important mandate.

The CNSC has several employee-led networks in place that provide staff with a space to connect, promote positive change and contribute to organizational priorities. This includes the Black Employees Network, Indigenous Network, Young Professionals Network and Women in STEM Network. As the CNSC continues to build on this momentum, it expects that additional employee networks will be launched that represent its diverse workforce.

The CNSC promotes bilingualism and encourages employees to work and communicate in the official language of their choice. Collectively, the CNSC speaks a total of 35 languages, including English and French.